About Amro

Decades of Presence… Proven Experience..

Amro Technology is committed to Provide Sustainable Energy Solution through Promotion of Solar Energy Products. With a cumulative experience of over 45 years in the various verticals of Solar PV & Solar Thermal Domain, electronics assemblies and Charge Controllers , team Amro  is committed to provide solutions for harvesting Solar Power.

New Technologies… Proven Products...

We have strong Research & Development skills and have developed innovative products in Solar Photovoltaics and Solar Water Heating. The team has vast experience in delivering field Proven Solar Energy Products.

New Approach… Proven Reliability...

We design, develop and manufactures the products spanning Off-Grid, Grid Solar and Electronics Verticals. We have adopted the best of manufacturing practices such as OSHAS and EMS.  AMRO TECHNOLOGY is an ISO 9001 QMS Company. Our mission is to deliver affordable and reliable solar energy products for common masses and societies.




A Physicist with over 36 years of experience in manufacturing and production



A technologist and Renewable Energy Expert with over 25 years of experience in Design, Development of Solar PV and Solar Thermal Technology