Rooftop & bipv SOLAR
Rooftop solar

Rooftop Solar

The electricity demand in India will grow multifold in the coming years. The planet is witnessing depleting Fossil Fuel Sources and threat of unsafe Nuclear Sources and huge pressure of Energy freedom. We have to keep the planet safe for our future generations to come. Every country is facing the challenge of Energy Freedom without which the Economy Growth stand still.

The dream of uninterrupted access to the Energy can be realized only by using the Green, Clean Solar Energy source which is the highest potential source among available sources at present and in future. AMRO TECHNOLOGY is committed to harness this abundant Solar Power from rooftop photovoltaic and partner India’s Solar Mission.

Building Integrated Solar Photovoltaics(BIPV)

The BIPV offers a combination of benefits such as Energy Production, Building Facades or Roof structure. In addition, the other benefits are Emergency Power Source, contributing to the energy efficiency in building, Architectural aesthetics , saving cost  and space, generating electricity from Non Usable Space of building etc.

The BIPV can be used as Grid Interactive, Off Grid and Grid Tied System. The energy Generated can either be stored in the battery for emergency use or for powering the internal loads of building. BIPV can be architecturally aesthetic and also be used as “Shadow voltaic” meaning providing Natural Light to the building and Power Generation both at the same time.

Off-grid Solar

Off-grid Solar and Water Pumping

In a fast moving world, the dynamic business life style requires un -interrupted quality Power to keep essential elements available. Where “Time is money, The Power is Critical”. Be it an Emergency Operation Theatre in a hospital or a bank or ATM or a factory or a business establishment, all require uninterrupted power. power Shortages, power cuts, high cost of fossil fuels, High emissions from the gensets etc. all continue to increase the challenges faced by the business to sustain.

Besides a commercially approachable power, ethically we need Solution to run the business. AMRO TECHNOLOGY offers solutions in Grid Tied, Grid Interactive, Grid/Off Grid Hybrid and Water Pumping solutions.

Solar PV Modules

AMRO TECHNOLOGY offers New Generation Solar Crystalline Module for Terrestrial Application. The Superior Technical Performance through combination of Engineering Excellence, Reliability and High Performance Delivery ensures long life.

The Use of Fluorine free Substrate polymeric compound makes our Noor, Innoor and Munnoor series modules made using truly Pre-cyclable and recyclable raw materials achieving real Eco friendliness.

PV Module


  • Designed & Tested to withstand rigorous weather conditions.
  • Fluorine Free Substrates made from 100% renewable pre-cyclable raw materials
  • 25-year limited warranty on power output with linear degradation*(Refer company warranty)

High Performance

high performace
  • Solar cells have an advanced surface texturing process to increase light absorption and improve efficiency
  • Better Temperature Coefficients in its class
  • High Fill Factor even in low light conditions

Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence
  • Industry-leading performance for a variety of electrical power requirements with higher energy yields.
  • Made in OSHAS and EMS compliant Environment.
  • Wide Range of Module Efficiencies for optimization of the System Design.
  • Made in ISO9001/ISO14001 facility

Qualifying Standards

Qualifying Standards
  • EN 50380/ EN50178/ EN61000-6-2/4
  • IEC 60904/ IEC 61215/  IEC 61701/  IEC 61721/  IEC 61730
  • ASTM E 1036M
  • ASTM E 1709