Solar Street Light

Solar Light

"DAWN” is the New Generation Community Lighting & Street lighting system with advanced features.

The Robust Design ensures long life and reliability.

The Street light features Grand Arcanum of Energy Storage & cabling system to ensure safety and reliability.

The Street Lighting in City Municipal and Rural areas are one of the high energy demand of community purposes.

The Energy Efficient and Intelligent Energy Management solutions are required to ensure the public utility comfort. AMRO TECHNOLOGY provides standalone and centralized lighting solutions perfectly designed for Rural and Urban Municipalities.

LED based Intelligent Lighting Solutions for Street Lights ensuring clear visibility of street during Nights. Centralized and Standalone Lighting with advanced features of High luminosity, Timer based Dimmer, Hybrid CCTV Pole are available as options.

Solar Light

Heavy Duty 90mm Monopole Design

360º Independent Axis of Panel and Light to ensure full Energy Harvest

360º Independent Axis

Grand Arcanum of Energy Storage to prevent Thefts of Battery and damage to cable

Grand Arcanum of Energy Storage

Fit & Forget Design with No Maintenance of Battery and Electronics

Fit & Forget Design