Solar UPS


SPEED is a Home Solar UPS( S-UPS ) a Hybrid energy source for Solar and Grid.

A 3-in-1 combination of Solar back up, Mains back up and Energy Saving device is a perfect solution for those who want Quality and Economy in powering their electricity needs of lighting loads.

A unique Patented product with fully loaded features of unmatched performance and price.

Amro Presents the 4th Generation Solar Powered Electric Energy Device for Home back up solution.

Experience the comfort of Solar Power and uninterrupted Electric power. Experience the technology of Sun making difference in your power needs.

Enjoy the bounty of Sun making your home a place to cherish with uninterrupted power.

3-in-One UPS/S-UPS/ESD

SPEED works in multiple modes uncompromising the backup power needs of home. SPEED is a standalone & hybrid power source during the day, A backup power source during mains outages and Energy Saving Device for those who want simply solar to work for them.

Live Power

A feature that lets you know real time incidents. Electricity is live on screen for you. A feature that lets you know Solar Power rate, battery level, Mains Voltage & Frequency, Load Power & percentage, status of functions. The LCD comes with live status graphics and LED with status indications. It is easy for user to interact and enjoy the benefits of Energy Saving.

AFC (Auto Forced Cooling)

Heat is a deterrent to achieve efficiency. The unit intelligently operates a soft run cooling fan in multi variable speed mode as and when when needed thus maintaining the normal working temperature of components inside the unit to achieve reliability and efficiency. The Forced cooling takes place depending on load, charging-discharging rate all by itself. It even varies the air flow depending on the overall load and charge.

WOW (Wide Operating Window)

A feature that lets your loads undisturbed even during times when the mains voltage fluctuates. There is an inbuilt option to choose Narrow window for sensitive loads like computer and Wide Window for insensitive loads like lights and fans thereby making you a WOW experienced user. You can choose the Solar Panel sizing depending on your utility use & budget without compromising on the Utility.