Solar Water Heater

Solar Water-Heater
Solar Water-Heater2

AMRO offers Flat Plate Collector based and Evacuated tube based Solar Water Heating Systems for residential applications.

Manufactured using steel tanks for gravity feed application and made using special grade steel with surface treatment for pressurized application offer high resistance to corrosion.

AMRO is a premier supplier of High Quality Selective Coated Solar Flat Plate Collector for Residential and Industrial applications.

From Copper Extrusion to Selective Absorptive Coating of patented NALSUN selective coating, the manufacturing is done in a high tech Production facility at Hyderabad. With over a decade of Industry presence as a quality tier-1 manufacturer ,

AMRO has become a Brand for Quality Products in Solar Thermal Applications. The High tech facility has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliance Quality and Environmental Management systems to meet international standards.

Solar Water-Heater-Flat

Gravity Feed System

Gravity Feed System
  • Do not require Float chamber support for cold water input.
  • Galvanically protected from chloride attacks and hence reliable
  • 5 Years of Warranty on tank for leakages.
  • Available Capacities- 100LPD/125LPD/150LPD/200LPD/250 LPD/300LPD


  • Designed & Tested to withstand rigorous weather conditions.
  • Best suited for Pressure Pump sources.
  • Built In Pressure Release and air Release safety valves
  • Available Capacity- 200LPD/300LPD